6 Ways Product Quality Affects Your Brand, 6 tips to ensure high product quality.

6 Ways Product Quality Affects Your Brand, 6 tips to ensure high product quality. - TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED

Improve your customer retention, build brand trust and boost your ROI by focusing on your product quality.

Most people agree that quality is particularly important, but not everyone is clear about what quality really is.What constitutes product quality. For example, many people think that good quality means shiny, distinctive and extravagant surfaces or that the product is durable, but whereas others may value efficiency or ease of use.

Regardless of the definition of quality, product quality affects a company's purchasing decisions and profitability.Read on and let's talk about what constitutes product quality, why quality is important, and how to improve your product quality.

What constitutes product quality?

Product quality describes a product's capability to meet users' standards. The following points may be considered to evaluating the quality of the products.

  • Does it solve a problem? The product is born to solve the problem, if it can not solve the problem specifically then the product is not necessary to produce. Similarly, can perfectly solve a certain problem then this product we can consider its quality is good or bad, can solve the problem is good can not solve the problem is bad or not good enough.

  • Is it easy to use? As mentioned earlier, the product is to solve the problem, so convenience and ease of use is a problem that people who make the product must consider. If a product comes out and the end customer will not use it or it takes a lot of time and cost, then it is undoubtedly not a good product, even if the quality is not good.

  • Is it polished? The first impression of the quality of the product is of course also very important. People rely on clothes & horses rely on saddles. The color, size, shape, and texture of products need to be considered clearly. Good quality products cannot give people the feeling of being cheap.

  • Is it efficient? Whether the product is good or not is also positively related to whether the end customer can solve the problem efficiently. Without spending too much time and energy, the problem can be solved easily with a good product, so of course this is a good product, which saves time and effort.

  • Is it tailored to your customers? The product is not good by imagination, but produced for the needs of customers. So this requires us to understand our customers, to understand their needs, and to listen to their inner voice.

6 reasons product quality is important

Improving your product quality is paramount to your business's bottom line. Here are six reasons product quality is important:

1. It is the foundation for building customer trust.

If the trust of customers cannot be established, most companies will not succeed; if the brand cannot establish a deeper connection with potential buyers, it will lose countless potential sales. In contrast, when you gain the trust and loyalty of consumers, you have more freedom to make decisions, such as raising prices. Ensuring high-quality products and services is a way to help you make consumers appreciate and believe in the products you provide.

The company humane can also help customers connect with your brand. One way is to create a newsletter or social media posts, display updates and photos of employees work in progress. If customers start to associate faces with your company, it will help them to connect with your organization instead of with a corporate entity without a face character. Another way to build loyalty and appreciation is to create a reward program. When trying to build a repeat business, understanding the value of customer loyalty will be crucial.

2. Good quality allows us to get more recommendations

When making a purchase decision, most people will unconsciously refer to the suggestions of people around them, or believe in the practices of people around them with more tastes. Therefore, no matter what form of advertising is, it is no match for celebrity marketing or the influence of word of mouth.

Word-of-mouth recommendations  is very important for both online and offline business, and it can be said to be a very convincing factor. Friends and family members want to know if anyone similar to them has a good experience with a product. The higher the quality of the products a company provides, the more opportunities they have to promote positive reviews, recommendations and sharing among consumers.

Initiating a campaigns and getting a large number of people to participate and buzzing about the product quality may be a better word-of-mouth recommendation method. Of course, you can also provide complaint channels and the location for positive comments on your website and respond to complaints or compliments online to show that you provide good customer service. It's good method of product quality improvement and this is also an aspect of high-quality products themselves.

3. High quality leads to fewer customer complaints and returns.

Marketing research has repeatedly proved that companies that produce high-quality products can get more repeat customers. Before the product goes on the market, it is worthwhile to spend more time and money in the early stage to perfect the product, which can minimize customer complaints and returns.

Sellers of high-quality brands usually spend more to persuade consumers to try their products. In the customer's first experience of using the product, the more successful a company is in pleasing customers, the more likely it is that these customers will repeat purchases.

Testing products with potential customers or market research teams can help produce high-quality products. Most people in these groups give cruel and honest opinions, and the company can use this feedback to improve its products. Customer feedback after use is also a very important part of product improvement.

4. People care about the first feeling, good visual perception, and aesthetics.

One of the dimensions of quality is aesthetics, or the appearance, feel, sound, taste and smell of the product. Colors, prints, shapes, textures, and features (such as the shape of a hat) are all eye-catching. This is what makes your brand different from your competitors. Customers will notice these details, which can make sales succeed or fail. With customizable features, companies can also provide customers with what they want while adding a few dollars to the price. So don't be afraid of cumbersomeness, and try to improve the product inside and outside as much as possible. It has good use efficiency and a beautiful appearance that gives people a beautiful and refreshing feeling.

5. Higher return on investment for high quality products。

Research has shown that there is a strong positive correlation between quality and profitability. In fact, for any given market share, high quality yields a higher return on investment (ROI). Fewer defects or field failures result in lower manufacturing and service costs, and to the extent that these benefits outweigh any increase in a company's spending on defect prevention, profitability increases. In addition, improvements in performance, features, or other aspects of quality can lead to increased sales and market share. Good product quality can make people more willing to buy, can reduce the decision time to purchase, and can lead to lower costs after the sale, resulting in an exponential increase in profitability.

If a company has produced a high-quality product and has effectively marketed it, it should see if it can reduce costs without sacrificing quality. The essence of cost is also a very important part of ROI. On the basis of a large enough amount and the initial investment has been covered, the cost should be kept to the lowest level, and the profits should be given to consumers as much as possible.

6. The quality of the product can force the growth of the company.

If the quality of your product is lacking in the first place, it is normal. Don't worry, it just means that there is room for development. This is not necessarily a bad thing. By listening to customers' complaints or suggestions, you will tell them how much you value their opinions and satisfaction, and then improve the product until the customer is satisfied or even exceed the customer's expectations to win more loyal customers.

Of course, this requires that while you improve quality, you must strengthen your relationship with customers. The willingness to grow is proof that you care about more than just making money. Your brand will become stronger and more accessible, and you will find more ways to expand into new markets and reach new audiences. It will make your product and your company more viable.

How to ensure product quality

Here are six tips to ensure high product quality:

1.  Develop and implement an effective quality management system.

The quality management system is a set of practices that includes planning, from the initial idea to the inspection and delivery of the product. The system includes principles that help prepare products for launch, such as customer-centricity, leadership, research, and evidence-based decision-making, and is a set of specific, executable, and achievable quality systems.

2. Build a clear product strategy.

The product strategy must detail information about the product and the company's vision. Some key points of the strategy definition include customers, markets, competitors, business goals, and so on. This strategy can be used as a roadmap for the entire process of your product from creation to release, from a product idea to a concrete implementation plan.

3. Consider competitors.

Considering your competitors is an important part of developing a product. What products are they doing and why are you not them (and vice versa)? How are their products performing? Is there a gap in your product compared with it? What is special about your product compared to it? How many chances are there to win more customers than your opponents? Answering these questions will put you in a better position to compete with similar companies in the market.

4. Listen to your customers.

Don't be afraid to let your customers know that your product is not perfect, but you should ask your customers how to improve your product and their requirements. You can use any negative feedback to learn more about your customers and help your products better cater their needs.

5. Always test your products.

Before releasing each product, it must be tested so that you can predict the buyer’s reaction to the product and understand what changes may be required before releasing the product to the public. Never use your own subjective ideas to make a product, but should understand the ideas of real customers through multiple channels, and constantly iterate to improve the product.

6. Maintain the stability of product quality.

If the product quality is not stable will affect the image in the minds of consumers, another thing is that it is easy to make you do not have a specific quality control requirements for your products think that as long as the consumer can keep on buying your products. Do not lower your requirements for product quality because of the delivery urgency or some other issue.Consumers repurchase your products because of your product quality is good also the good use experience, if the quality of the product is not stable, when the quality of the decline began is also the time you will lose your customers.

Topone products quality guaranteed

Topone is on the producer's end, but we also understand the needs of our customers who customize our products.

We at topone don't disregard quality to sell more units, we don't disregard the quality of our products because of the delivery time problem. We have our own quality standard and quality system, so we can help our customers and we have higher quality requirements than our customers, because we think we are the producers, we are the ones who know the most about the products, we have to be strict with the highest standard in order to make our customers win more orders, get more reputation and give us more opportunities to cooperate in the future, so that we can grow together.

We value the consistency of quality, and it is our mission to be better and not worse. We can choose less orders, we can choose longer production time, we can make less money, but can not affect our quality standards. Just like being a human being, what we demand most is faithfulness, and quality is the best reputation. We want our customers to do business with us he can rest assured that will not worry about quality, we want our customers to have more time and energy to expand the company's business above rather than our production issues, not to mention the quality of the product.

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