Why Use Custom Logo hats to promote your brand?

Imagine all the people you know with brightly colored, colorful one-of-a-kind custom hats becoming eye-catching hats appearing on top of their heads, aren't you all smiles?

Many people like to wear these brands of hats, just because they are brands. We at TOPONE can of course produce these branded hats if you're authorized, we will need you to get a production authorization/license from them for our factory to produce. Of course, we think if your brand into the hat can also be like the above brands appear in the city's major streets and alleys children's heads that is how proud of a thing.

>Many of our customers are local brewery. They like to make their brand LOGO prominent on the hat, so that when people face-to-face, they will naturally see the brand on the hat and remember that brand beer。

>One of our customers is the sales of hats, he likes to go everywhere with a hat of his own design on his head, is the one that makes people smile when they look at the sea turtle hat on his head.When I asked him why he was wearing a hat like this, he replied that it was because it was natural for people to know that I was selling these hats, and because this hat made people smile and live happier.That sea turtle is his brand. His website is theturtlehat.com.

I was under the impression that our tour groups here would make people buy hats because then everyone could easily identify that everyone was in the same group and not easily get lost. But once, there is a tour group left me a very deep impression, the first because their hat quality is very good also very close to the head so I often will take it, the second reason is that they did not let us single outside to buy a hat although there is no this expenditure of course I also know are counted in the cost inside but this psychological feeling is different. Every time I want to travel, I will think of looking for their company, see the hat I can easily remember it is which one air company, because the hat has the company brand and contact information.

>Of course, some of our customers also like to use the above hat brands to make their hats. They have two choices: 

1). The first is to place an order on the brand website to let them customize their own hats.
2). The second is to obtain their license then find a factory to produce hats. 
Why did they do this? 
1). First of all, it is easy for people to know if the quality of these hats is guaranteed, because it is a brand. 
2). Secondly, because it is easy for people to associate the customer brand with the hat brand and bind the quality to each other and think that the quality is the same. 
3). For us, whether we are making hats for the hat brand itself or hats for other ordinary customers, we will do our best to achieve the best quality, because the quality of the hat itself is our brand. We regularly make branded hats. We have corresponding molds and we also understand the specific requirements of each brand, so it is relatively easy to make high-quality hats.
In addition, to be honest, there are a few special things about hats:
First of all, it is a relatively cheap promotional item. No matter how high-end hats are, although the cost of fabrics has been rising, in fact, the biggest cost is labor costs, and the cost of hat fabrics is relatively controllable, which is why the price of hats There has been no reason for a particularly big change.
Secondly, the hats can be said to be a mobile advertisement. People wear hats running around the world can bring your brand to the world.
To make a hat brand, the cost of hat production and acquisition is controllable. All you need to do is to concentrate on selling and let people wear your branded hats.
Finally, let's summarize why we need to customize branded hats.
1). The hat is relatively cheap and the cost is controllable.
2). Wearing a hat with a brand can make the brand spread farther.
3). The hat is easy to identify your brand when people face each other.
4). The frequency of wearing hats is relatively high. People only need to look at it a few more times and it is not easy to forget your brand.
5). The hat is a mature product, it is easy to find the factory to give you OEM production.
In a later article we will tell you how to find a reliable production supplier.

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