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Why you need free design help in custom products manufacturing? | Here are the 3 key reasons.

Why you need free design help in custom products manufacturing? | Here are the 3 key reasons. - TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED
Before I say why you need free design help, I would like to explain the difference between good design and bad design.

1). First of all a good design is beautiful and pretty while a bad design is not beautiful, not pretty or not pretty enough. In this point, almost all designers do a good job that is to create a beautiful design, because if the design is not eye-catching enough, then it is a failed design, the designer is not a standard very qualified designer. The beauty is not only in the use of color, but also in the logic of the above, but also in the simplicity and generosity of the above, a beautiful looking design but very cumbersome to reflect a little logical, then it can not be called a good design.

2). Secondly, a good design has a soul, that is, you can see the finished product in the design itself, very intuitive. Unlike the imagery (knowledge) school of painting, we do physical products (such as hats, clothes and so on) need to be intuitive, rather than a vague concept of an imagery of a rough manuscript can do. So people who do product design must be relatively very good understanding of the product itself.
3). Good design is able to communicate with people, especially with the factory, the factory production staff. This requires people who do design to understand the product, understand the production process, rather than imagination, and to use the factory can understand, can understand the language to express rather than create a lot of new words, new concepts. This requires the designer to adjust his design according to the production site so that it can be identified and the parts can be purchased or produced and assembled. A perfect design is a design that understands the product, understands production, and understands human nature. The bad design corresponds to the design that does not know the product, created out of thin air and does not know human nature, so the design has no way to be produced, or produced without the way to be used by people, thus losing its value.
So why do we need design help?
First of all, you are not the people who know the product best. Who is the person who knows the product best? Of course it is the producer, the production line employee who does these things. So we need their guidance so that we can know what can be manufactured and what cannot be manufactured and needs to be adjusted. Production equipment has its limitations, and producers also have limitations. We need to understand these limitations in order to better design products.

Secondly, our design is not produced by ourselves, so we need to communicate. We need to communicate with the factory, and the factory needs to communicate with the operators. The bridge in between is the Artwork. The artwork made by the front-line employees is the most suitable for their usage habits and the closest to the production line. We only need an idea to allow them to create unlimited possibility. If the brand imagined and their customers approved their design, it would be a disaster, because they did not meet the production requirements and could not do exactly the same.

Finally, design is also an important part of our business. When the business has not yet started, we need the most perfect product, so we need the best design; when the business volume is large, we need better design, and even we need to free up a hand to do business to make professional People do professional things need specialized designers to do design. So at any time, Topone can provide customers with free design assistance, which is a blessing for customers. They can save time, effort and money, just focus on marketing and business, and don’t have to worry about design and production headaches.

With TOPONE, the design help is free and does not charge any fees for all the designs placed order with topone. We charge only a small fee for off-site customers who have not placed an order with us or customers who do not need products and only need to design (or even just redraw). If you have the help, you can contact our Merchandise, our email is top1supplied@gmail.com.

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