Why you need to freshly produce your brand hats?

Since this is the case (mentioned above), why do you need Made to Order and Freshly Produced? The main reasons are as follows:

 First of all, stock hats in large quantities have the following disadvantages:

1). After all, in order to save costs for mass-customized hats, the brand just added a small logo on the back, such as Richardson’s Richardson or Ahead Headgear’s Ahead, or 47 Brand’s hats are usually embroidered on the side of 47. The New Era Cap hat will embroider a New Era logo on its left size panel. It usually appears in the form of a bare cap, which means that your LOGO will not appear directly in their bulk products.

2). Maybe you like the quality of their brand hats, such as fabric, or hat shape, workmanship, etc. But you don’t like other people’s LOGO (such as the LOGO of these hat brands) appearing on your hat. Of course, what you want most is that your own brand appears on your hat in order to let more people know it. Your brand, like your brand and buy your brand.

3). Another point is that in addition to some small logos, brand hats also like to have a Label with their company contact information on the inside of the hat. In this way, the purpose of your brand promotion is greatly compromised because of such a small problem. In the end, people who like your brand may divert their attention, and will never buy hats from you again but turn to the brand of these hats to buy.

4). The above is only the LOGO reasons. In fact, the biggest reason is that if these mass-produced hats are left for too long, they are prone to problems such as discoloration, deformation, mold, etc. In order to save costs, the hats produced in large quantities by the brand are generally shipped out by sea, so after 20 to 30 days of wind and rain, there will be strong moisture. If they are returned to the car, they cannot be sent out at once. If you haven't done a good job of preventing moisture and dust, it is natural to get moldy. Others are also easy to be eaten by insects, and eventually become discolored and deformed. Maybe it was good when you bought it (mainly referring to the shape and color) but you will not get rid of it all at once, so moldy, discoloration and deformation may occur on your hands, and the qualitative change will slowly change over time. This is possible It affects the reputation of your brand.


Secondly, there are some corresponding advantages for small order customization:

1). No longer limited to the custom function of brand hats: do what color you want, do what color you want, do what size you want, add a label if you want to add a label, you want to add a label Hangtag just add a Hangtag, it can be said to be arbitrary and can be completely customized.

2). It is not prone to the problems of mass shipping. If the delivery time of the order is relatively urgent, you can ship it by air or even courier instead of having to take the shipping method to save money. This way, the possibility of dampness is avoided and the hat is not easy to mold.

3). Low inventory or even zero inventory can be achieved. You can order as many hats as you want. For big brands, warehousing is actually a huge cost, and you can reduce inventory as much as you want, and warehousing costs can be a lot less. The financial pressure can also be much smaller. It can even speed up the speed of turnover, speed up the efficiency of capital use, and make more money.

4). Compared with branded hats, you save the license fee for authorization. Your brand is in charge. You don't need to spend a single license fee. You can use this fee to make more hats. Isn't it fragrant? If the number of hats you need is relatively large, you still have a lot of bargaining power with the factory, instead of having no quantitative discounts with the hat brand.

Finally, a new customized hat can be started from scratch.

No matter whether you like the hats of the hat brands or not, you can make them almost exactly the same Cap Molds without authorization; whether you make a batch of hats from the beginning, from the fabric to the final product, from Top Button to Sweatband You can customize every detail; these are not the most important thing, the most important thing is that you can even make a unique hat that only you have the right to produce and sell in the world, just like our turtle hat,For customers who want to make exactly the same hats, they have to get his authorization. you will not need someone else’s brands' authorization, other guys may need your authorization, and even you can get a good authorization fee.

For us at Topone, full customization is the best. No matter how big your quantity is, we always produce the same type of hats with the same fabric and the same color together to reduce the cost of fabric and production cost. Of course is a small number of hats itself cost more, but we will do everything possible to make your hats to do the best and to control the cost to the minimum. If you have this need, please contact our experts, we will do our best to create the most brand value for you.

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