Step 1: You can choose the hat style you want. Check the main menu "Our Products" then "Custom Hats", click the hat style like "Custom Trucker Hat".

Step 2: Now you're in the customization product page.

Step 3: Select the fabric color you want or click "Custom Colors" then fill the color informatioin (PMS codes) you.

Step 4:  Select the logo applications you want to apply onto your hats. The number is for the logo placement. Like you want flat embroidery on the front and back then the number of flat embroidery will be 2.

Step 5: Shipment method selection.The normal shipping method is ocean shipment for large orders exceed 100kg and you can ask for air express shipment as well. The shipping cost will be different and the transit time will be different.

Step 6: Upload Your Artwork or images (.zip file is preferred).

Step 7: Order Note-

You can list all colors you want to use on your hats.

You can list all logo placements for the logos you uploaded.

You can ask us some questions.