TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED Custom Leather Patches Topone Accessories Ltd. Leather Patch
TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED Custom Leather Patches Topone Accessories Ltd. Leather Patch
TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED Custom Leather Patches Topone Accessories Ltd. Leather Patch
TOPONE ACCESSORIES LIMITED Custom Leather Patches Topone Accessories Ltd. Leather Patch

Custom Leather Patches

  • Add your logo or custom packaging
  • Made in China
  • 100% Replacement Guarantee
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed


Premium Cheap Leather patch Custom rubber for clothing embossed logo of jeans brand label logo tag or jeans leather patches | A leather patch can be found on the back of almost every pair of jeans. They add high-quality flair to every item they are attached to from hats to jackets, jeans, socks, or bags. These custom leather patches can be stitched on, ironed on, stuck on, or velcroed on just like any other patch style.


Personalized Logo Garment Leather Patch Custom Embossed Jeans Leather Patch Label for Clothing


Personalized Logo Garment Leather Patch Custom Embossed Jeans Leather Patch Label for Clothing



10+ years Experience Over 10 years of product experience and knowledge to handle all your companies needs.


100% Quality Satisfaction





Our quality inspection team guarantees 98% pass rate. If you're not satisfied, we will grant a full refund or redo for you.



One-stop Service



Style: One-stop service. Garment accessories, promotional items, and various packaging products. If we don’t have what you are looking for, discuss it with our sales team. We will do our best to provide you with all your needs, even it if means bringing in a new product. 



Fast Production Times & Low Minimum Quantities



Many products have a production cycle of only 6 days. A minimum order can be as low as 1 piece, depending on the product. The fastest logistics speed can be as low as 1 day to the customer company and customer inquiries are responded to within a 6hr period.



No Hidden Fees


No Hidden Fees: JCBASIC WILL NOT charge you any hidden fees or additional service charges on your products price when you order from us.


Free Digital Proof & Trademark Design



 A professional design team can provide free digital proof and trademark design. 2D or 3D product design.



Global Customer Base


Our customers are located all over the world and are familiar with the quality requirements of customers in various countries.


Very Fair Price


 Under the premise of ensuring quality, the price is reasonable and very fair.  One-stop shopping can save you a lot of logistics costs.


After-sale Protection


If you have any disputes about our sales service and product quality, please contact our after-sales team.


After-sales mailbox:   


whatsapp : +86-13342984923.  


We will respond to your complaint and suggestions within 6 hours.



Office Location


Our office is located in Shenzhen, the economic center of China. We are conveniently located and provide high quality products, excellent service, and free pick-up service. We welcome all customers to come face to face with our company. We are happy to share customer brand story with you.


Personalized Logo Garment Leather Patch Custom Embossed Jeans Leather Patch Label for Clothing


Leather labels ---- are a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used woven clothing labels. Leather labels and patches are great for durability, longlasting, and are unique.

They are strong and supple and are often used on high end brands to convey a message of quality and prestige. Real leather labels have a rich color that tends to vary due to the nature of the material.

This makes each leather label unique.

Synthetic PU leather labels, sometimes called pleather, are also a popular choice. Synthetic PU leather labels are more consistent in color and still feel similar to real leather.

These labels can be more cost effective than real leather labels. Leather labels can be attached to the outside of the garment and are often used to label denim, boots, work clothes, jackets, and more.

Generally your logo or designs are embossed or debossed (reverse embossed) onto the leather. Embossed leather labels have a great burned look and 3D effect that really pops on your items.

Molds are used to stamp your leather label and the 3D effect is produced by the raised areas of your logo or text. Establish your product branding with these professional longlasting custom logo and sizing labels.

Leather labels can be attached to clothing or use them as hang tags to really stand out and give your items a designer look. 

Here is a sample selection of leather labels that we are capable of doing. Let us create yours according to your design specifications. 

Custom, we are professional! 
Custom patches & labels are sure to give your garments that rugged, high-quality touch you’ve been searching for. From beefy leather labels
to thinner, designer-quality suede, we’ve done it all. Whether you’re looking to add personalization to your team’s biker jackets, add some flair to your
rodeo pants - or maybe looking for a unique present for your groomsmen, Topone Supplies can rustle up exactly what you’re looking for.

How to customize your unique Leather Patches?

1). Dimension: Like all other products, the dimension of the lapel pins will decide the final price.

2). Leather Type: Pu Leather (Most Common & Most Popular), Real Leather, Top Gain Leather, Faux Suede

3). Leather Colors & Burned Colors: Because different leather the burned colors will be different and changed after burning so here we list most popular colors we had ever do for your reference.

4). Leather Front Side Design: Debossed & Embossed, Burned, Screen Printing, DGP, Sublimated Printing, Embroidery, Mixed designs, Rhinestones...etc.

5). Border Type: Stitching way, Oil Painted Edge...

6). Backing Options: No backing, Adhesive Backing, Velcro Backing. No all companies can do adhesive backing but Topone can make it for you.

7). Packing Kit: Polybag (Most Poplar & Common), Velvet Box (Popular), Velvet Bags (Most Popular), Clear PVC bag, Acrylic Box, Backer Card (Popular)... Single Packed or Bulk Packed.

Here we listed almost all needed information to customize a unique lapel pins for you or your organizations but if there is anything unclear you can reach out to us any time you need us. You can send us your files for quotation in the left "ASK A QUESTION" as well.Here is a form you can fill in then we will get back to you within 24 hours at "CONTACT US" page.

Lead times are averages, please check with your sales rep if you have an urgent shipment or need a more specific shipping schedule

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) generally start at 3,000 units per color, but contact us directly if you require smaller quantities as we always try to be flexible

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Our Customers


TOPONE is a 20+year manufacturer with factories in multiple provinces across mainland China. With 100+ global team members and thousands of machines, we provide complete custom manufacturing options for companies of all sizes.

TOPONE offers several apparel manufacturing solutions including tees, hoodies, headwear & accessories.

We Make it Easy

On-Demand Custom Product Manufacturing

Join millions of creatives, entrepreneurs, and marketing departments that rely on Topone to create inspiring custom products to help build their brand.

Our Manufacturing Process

1. Get a Quote

Share us with your product designs and we'll get you a quote no later than 24 hours.

2. Sampling

Custom samples can be made within 2-15 days on average.

3. Production & Inspection

We have over 35 quality-control inspectors across factories who manage on-site inspection of your goods to ensure quality standards are met.

4. Shipping

After passing our quality-control inspection, we manage the delivery of your goods to your wareshouse or 3rd party.


Manufacturing Questions

Minimum order quantities (MOQ's) are an average of 3,000 units per order, but can range from as low as 5 to as high as
10,000 depending on your needs.

Whenever possible, we try to work with our clients on lowering the MOQ's. Just ask for details.

Do not worry about the MOQ, we can help on any size of orders.

Lead times vary, but generally production lead time takes 5-10 days. Shipping to the United States usually takes about 3-7 days on by air freight. So it's good to budget around 10-20+ days to receive goods once an order has been placed.

It's also important to keep in mind that Chinese New Year will have an impact on a delivery schedule if your order falls within this holiday.

If your order is urgent, please keep in mind that we may help you if there is any production space.

Just ask us if you have any questions or oncerns.

Every order is inspected mulitple times by our quality-control team before they ship.

Maintaining very accurate specifciations on our products, and ensuring a very tight inspection protocol ensures that products leave our factories in the approved/agreed upon standards.

Just request a sample from your sales representative. Depending on
whether or not we have stock, samples can take up to 1-7 days in most cases.

Most of our clients manage their own shipping/logistics using their own freight forwarders, but we do offer door-to-door solutions upon request.

We have a very rigid testing and compliance team. We work with SGS, Intertek and many different 3rd party testing labs to make sure our products are safe and meet the relevant standards including, but not limited to, FDA, CE, Prop-65 and more.

It varies from factory to factory, but most of our factories carry audited certificates including WRAP, BSCI, SA800, SEDEX and more. We have factories who also are audited by McDonads, Walmart, Target, Disney and other audit standards. Just tell us in advance which type of compliance and audits you require and we’ll be sure to use the right facility.

Certainly. We have several offices, factories and always welcome our clients to come visit our operation.

Our Guarantees

We ensure all products are free of manufacturing defects and guarantee to replace or refund any goods that do no meet our agreed upon standards.

We guarantee any ideas or products sent to us will not be shared with other companies or factories. We are happy to sign a NDA and any other documentation to ensure you feel totally comfortable working with us.

Our employees and management team are trained from day one to hold your ideas confidential and the sharing of these ideas is a violation of our company policy.

Looking for a manufacturer?

We help brands produce products through a network of mature factories throughout China.